Saturday, 20 October 2012

New Horizons

Welcome back to Shelter From The Storm, a Metaphysical blog which offer to serve the Seeker on the Path, as well as examines the various ways to seek. I asked last time, do you bother? If yes is your answer and the great desire to "KNOW" is there it may well be a reaction to something painful, an event of some sort or injury, illness, grief or anything which makes you wonder. The myriad of complexities that must arise to confuse, stimulate, incur pain and even grief make rich soil for the Seeker to finally declare, "I must find out WHY?" Therefore seeking answers becomes the quest, the reason for, the objective carrot dangling in the wind; somewhere, somehow, the mystery offering an opportunity. Who so ever quests to retrieve  (that dangling carrot, that answer to their conundrum, the reason why they went through so much pain..etc.) may well be rewarded with an answer. Each quest is different as each answer is to the inner workings of the individual Self. Our journey therefore is always personal even if it is a Universal experience. Many have walked this path before but each has a different reason.
Who dares to challenge the status quo? Who dares to speak the words of "I don't get it and I want to get it!" Who is brave enough to lay down the "normal" and seek the untold, the mysteries of humanity? Who else but The Seeker. He/She knows it will never be acceptable, the status quo will never satisfy, nor the usual answer. In their quest for Why, there comes a journey and that journey begins with New Horizons. They suspect it is outside the norm, but there is no road map for them, but what they seek is actually buried deep in the subconscious mind. Maybe our dreams will allow a few clues in, so we ask within.  Eventually, a Dream comes, amazingly, but it is vague. We look into the symbolism of it, we read a book on dreams and are rightfully told (though there are many Universal symbols), it is what it means to us. We think about it and can not figure it out. We decide it is not important and let it go. In letting it go, something magical happens. One day, as any other day, we get in our car, turn on the radio and on comes a song. Chills run down our spine as we feel compelled to listen and our ears perk up! In the words of the song, we find an answer. How it is possible? Who gave us this? How did that happen?
Psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung, coined the term "synchronicity" for this very reason.  He also had these so called "coincidences" occurring over and over again and more importantly, so did his patients. In an effort to understand them, he surmised that the "Collective Unconscious" allowed these clues into the person's path to give them a clue or to wake them up. This was the signal from the Universe or their own Higher Self that the person was, indeed, on the right Path.

Now the journey begins in earnest and this becomes one way to find the way forward, as dreams also provide a very personal way. Our heart awakens to these mysteries by asking even more of us: pain. Pain becomes the impetus for what we discover, for without it, there is no reason or point to seek more. What we know is that if we do not take up the Gauntlet to Seek the Meaning to it all, the pain, the path, the way and the why...we are left in the abyss or the material world with no inner compass to Guide us home. Where is home? It is within, of course, as any truth seeker will tell you. Meditation then becomes the next tool. But first we must get awakened to the need. So our dreams and the world around us are a constant reminder that there is more to know, more to seek, more meaning to be had. A life worth living is well examined. A life of being here with no inner awareness can be mindless, empty, superficial and meaningless. It is the richness of meaning we seek. Purpose comes next, so one asks, "What is my purpose?"  Each and every one of us have one. Do you know what yours is?
 Music, poetry, art, beauty, romance have also been ways to help us, inspire us, lead us to the salvation/inner knowing of the Self.  One of my own personal ways has been music, although I have used all of the tools already mentioned.

 I close this blog with a suggestion. The Progressive Rock band, The Moody Blues, have been going strong now for more than 4 decades but it was their early original works which started me, at the tender age of 14, on the Seeker's Path. I first heard their music and attended  a concert in 1970, in Pittsburgh, Pa., where I grew up. Listening to their music, with full orchestration, was so beautiful and then their mystical, profound lyrics was how I "heard the Word". The times were emotive and turbulent which also meant many were seeking, including the bands of the time.  The Moody Blue's song "New Horizon" is at the top of this entry. Each one of their albums has Metaphysical meaning and profound messages from journeying within. Their songs and lyrics seek to ask and answer many questions so I would encourage anyone to listen to them. The link to their current website is:  If you seek wisdom within words, go listen to their music or see them on tour, as they are out there now touring through the USA and the UK. Do catch them, if you have a chance.

  How has music, art, poetry, a song or a dream inspired you to seek something more, given you meaning or allowed you to seek answers to the bigger questions? Please share your experiences. Till next week, be inspired!
Shawn M.Cohen
October 20, 2012

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Welcome to my New Metaphysical Blog

Welcome to a place of Sanctuary in a Sea of Confusion! At least, it is my intention to provide this here. I am a Metaphysician. I have been on the Path since I first started asking the question, "Why?" That was 4 decades ago, so I might have learned a thing or two by now. I would like to share some of what I have learned and open up space for others to share here. It is such a crazy world right now, I felt compelled to offer some sanity and solace and maybe some enlightenment. Can I? How do I know? Many clients come to me for just this kind of help. Working in the field of Metaphysics since 1983, I believe I can help. Hence forth my blog. Let's say it is a calling and I have answered it, yet again! Meta is the Greek word for "above" and Physical well, you know, the earth plane 5 senses reality. So we are going above the physical to the Metaphysical

What is a Metaphysical Blog?  It is my attempt to allow anyone who seeks to ask the big questions, share the answers and analyse how it all works. This Universe and how it all spins out, plays out and our place here in this life on Planet Earth. I will incorporate my observations, experiences with my own journey, some of the many clients, students and friends, teachers along the path I have met, helped, taught  and was educated by and with this comes Gnosis= Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth Revealed and so many wondrous things! The word Enlightenment...was does it mean? It is the question of the Ages. I hope to show some answers of what it is, how to "get there" and why we should bother. 

I remembered the times, so many times, I was thrown onto the path, yes, thrown! Seeking answers, looking everywhere, reading anything I could get my hands on which might explain, and all the while asking the questions no one I knew was asking. I had these incredible experiences which no one else I knew had. I was young, innocent, not aware of words like "Karma", "Consciousness", Past Lives" etc., etc. but these experiences kept coming and making me ask and seek the answers to.." Who am I really? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why did this happen to me and what does it mean?" I was no more then 19 years old at the time.
Eventually and quite by chance (later learning there is nothing by "chance", ever!) I sought and found a school of Metaphysics, The American National Institute for Psychical Research and Development in Westlake, California in 1980 and spent 4 years learning the ways of the Mystic/ Metaphysician. In essence, it led to even more learning and discovery of which you could say I am still doing. Having graduated with a BSc. Metaphysics and trained in Nursing with an emphasis on Holistic Medicine in 1983, I was previously intent on becoming a Psychologist, so all my previous studies were in Psychology. I went to many institutes for Higher Learning before and after my degree. What I learned was this: Astrology, Tarot, Past Life Regression, Numerology, Symbology, Dream Analysis, Archetypes, Healing, Laying on of Hands, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, Meta. 1 (beginning) and Meta. 2 (advanced), Kabbalah, Crystals and Gems and what they can do and how they Heal, Seeing and Analysing Auras, Seeing into the Soul,  Messages from the Great Beyond, Guides, Angels, Archangels, and Passed On Loved Ones and so much more! All of this came to me, as I sought the answers to "Why?" 

It is a very good question, don't you think? Why? So simple and yet so profound. I invite you to ask this question and see where it takes you. I also invite you to enjoy sharing your own path with me or, if you choose, jump on board the Path. What is the Path? It is the Path that leads within, that leads to your Heart, your Soul, your Higher Mind, your inner Self, your Divine Self. Therein lies all your truth, your own reasons for incarnating in this lifetime. Your purpose, your destiny and divinity  all the answers to your many selves...your Multi-Dimensional Self. There are many tools which help, of course, as I mentioned them above. All the "ologies" work very well and I would suggest using them or finding someone to help you who knows well how to use them for Guidance and Insight.
The time of Dec. 21st, 2012 is near. What does this really mean? It is my belief from all I have seen and studied that we are on a wave of enlightenment. Why not catch that wave? Learn this and be made aware or be out there in a Storm of confusion. 
I invite you to, "Come in", she, said," I'll give you Shelter from the Storm." words by Bob Dylan.
Here is Bob Dylan's beautiful song which really demonstrates the Seeker  (individual) who is out there in the storm,(life, ego raging, unconscious, trying to survive, unaware as to what to do or how, finds himself in constant trouble, dramas ensuing) ...he finds comfort in a single act of kindness from a woman with silver bangles and flowers in her hair (the Divine Feminine, The Mystic) who creates a place of safety and comfort for him. My silver bracelets still jangle but the flowers in my hair are long gone with my teens...but were there in the 1970's! The Inner work very much intact, the reasons all answered, so do come in and seek some Shelter from the Storm. Click on the video, look at the words, Dylan's masterpiece of poetry, mood and music created by a man who knows, lived it and enjoy! 

Your comments and experiences  are welcome!  
How has this journey of seeking the inner self and truth been for you? Do you even bother? Is there more then what we see with our 5 senses? Are you a Light Worker, Healer, Therapist, Seeker of Truth? What works for you?

 Peace, love, enlightenment,
 Shawn M. Cohen, London, U.K.      October 13, 2012