Thursday, 19 December 2013

So This Is Christmas.......2013

"So this is Christmas...and what have you done? Another year older, and a new one just begun..." John and Yoko Ono Lennon. 

I really wanted to put up on this blog entry for December's,  Shelter From the Storm, something cheery and bright and filled with hope. But this song, John and Yoko's song from way back, when the Vietnam War was raging in the 1970's, kept playing in my head. I could not get it out and it seemed to me my Muse, my own inner Writer was asking me, above anything else. to write about this and the meaning behind it. So I looked for a video and this was the first one to come up on You Tube. It is pretty shocking, eh? I mean we here in the West, celebrate the Holidays, December 2013, in our cosy little world and then we see what in fact is  really going on in many other parts of the world, way, far away from us! No, it is not pretty, and it is so crazy that we are STILL fighting, STILL killing, maiming and harming others on this blue and green planet we all share called EARTH!

Ok, I had my rant. I said my piece=PEACE! Those who even bother to read this blog are probably well aware that each action we do, creates a reaction...that is called Karma. But should someone who has never put 1+1=2 together than here is the formula and I quote,"Do Unto Others as you would have them do Unto You"!

There is no preaching here, nor is there any religious overtones because I can not do either. But there is a right and a moral wrong. What is wrong with this picture is obvious...the people who suffer while the War Machines rage are the innocent children and their families! Big Business creates War and it's reward is Profit! There are no other reasons and if you send your own grown up child to fight, and you agree with this killing of others, then you are not only part of the problem, you are ignorant of the truth! Brainwashed the West is to believe in the concept of "Enemy". Enemy is as the noted and esteemed Psychologist Carl G. Jung observed is our own "shadow side; the part of us we threw away and called "other"! Now look at this for a moment...who really IS the enemy? Is it a person who believes differently then you? Why are you SO frightened by this?? Did it ever dawn on you that God/Source created US ALL? And if that is so, as each religion believes, then WHO is the "Enemy"????????  Not only is the whole concept of "Enemy" made up nonsense but even within learned psychological associations, let alone spiritual ones, you would be shown only a hand mirror! The "enemy is truly within"!

Shadow Work is essential for wholeness and clarity and psychological well being. This is the "gift" of going within and dealing with the unconscious and all it's depth and reservoir of memory, images and even past life issues. No one can do this for you, only you. But you have to be aware that this is the journey all souls must finally travail and if so, the rewards are beyond any "Gold or Silver" this planet can give you. This is the true wealth, the true inner gifts of the soul. Being with a Guide, a Psychologist, a Shaman, A Past Life Regressionist, A Wise Person or yes, even a Psychic Medium ,who has traveled here extensively can offer help and guidance while on this inner journey. Much can be gained and while it is not "fashionable" or " spoken about in most circles" it is the very best gift you can give to yourself. There is none that would top this...not a new car, a new wardrobe or even a new puppy! THIS is the Gift that never stops giving and when you leave this planet through death, you take THIS gift with you!

Your Soul came here to had a choice. It could have stayed in Heaven (or the Spirit World as it is also referred to) and it set up, long before it incarnated, the many points of how it would come in ( i.e: parents, siblings, race, religion, social-economic background, what sex it would be, sexual preference, work and career choices, gifts to work with in this lifetime, gifts to explore and develop, relationships on every level and so on) the SOUL says: "Let me experience life AGAIN, this time I will make my focus on: __________________!  (Fill in the blank)   So this says that YOU are in charge of your life, you choose it, you created it and you were the designer of it. Yes, you had help, your many Soul Group friends and your own Guides/ Masters who help you, offer advice and then off you go to become someone's baby again! We are all on this planet together, for the same reasons; ultimately to experience, to gain knowledge and become wise and grow. THAT is the ONLY reason to come back. So when we harm others, we become accountable for that. No matter what. There are no "get out" clauses...sorry, but no Celestial Lawyer is going to get you out of jail card "free"! Only YOU judge YOU when you pass over and have your "Life Review". A Guide will be there to help you, or a Master of some kind who has been there and understands. Now when you see, hear and feel every detail of the "harm and pain" your actions created...and you will...what shall you say to yourself? "I did not know any better?" If this blog can serve any purpose at all, consider yourself now "knowing better"!

I have channeled many souls from the Spirit World. This is what I do. This is also my work and my calling. I do not pretend to be better then anyone else nor can I tolerate that kind of egoistic/insecure behavior in anyone else. We are each an individual spark of the whole and we are each necessary and bright and beautiful. In all of the history of the Human Race on Planet Earth there has never been a time that war has not been here. Did you ever ask yourself "Why?" Maybe it is time we ALL did.

This then brings me to the famous quote of the great Peace Maker, John Lennon, who said, "What if they had a war and no one came!"  It was just these words that brought the close of the Vietnam War to an end. People woke up, power to the people, people said, "Hell No, We Won't Go!"...." War is Over if you Want it." The question is for 2014 and all the years ahead...Do You?

"Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear"! Amen to that!

I know it is the Holidays and then a New Year (2014) begins. I want to share my gifts and help as many people as I can.  I  invite you to please join me on Sunday, December 22nd at 2:30 p.m. EST or 11:30 a.m or here in the UK 7:30 p.m. at Blog Talk Radio's "The Right Side of Things" where Rick Fiorio, the host has asked me, once again, to come on  his live show and give Christmas Readings and Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit for the entire show! There will also be some beautiful music which I have hand picked for the occasion. You can call in for FREE on SKYPE! It is one NOT TO MISS so won't you please join me for this Holiday Extravaganza? The link is here:

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Thank you for reading my blog, for being a client or student of mine in the year past or all the years before! I am truly grateful! I have met so many wonderful souls on my own journey through this life and I will add many of them are aware, kind, so beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to share your journey too!
And for all the Human Race, may I say, let us bring knowledge, wisdom and joy to all this year, not just the "chosen few". Let us remember who we really are and what we came here to do; to love and be loved, to share our gifts with all and to alleviate any human suffering we see. This is the formula for bringing peace on earth. It is so simple, really...Be a Blessing to Others and Be Blessed!

(c) Shawn M. Cohen, December 2013 "Shelter From The Storm", December entry, "So This is Christmas..." 

 Fair usage rights for John and Yoko Lennon's song, "Happy X-mas (War is Over)" and the video from You  No copyright infringement is intended.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

WHO ARE YOU? By Shawn M. Cohen


There is a question.... a question which lingers whispers in the wind...sometimes it shouts as loud as Rodger Daltry singing in this song..........WHO ARE YOU?

It is the soul crying out, it is the un-trodden path, it is the question of all questions...

It wakes you up in the middle of the night from a dream. A wild dream, a scary dream, maybe a surreal dream and you sit up in bed, shaking, sweating, maybe even frightened. "What could have brought on such a dream?" you ask yourself, trying to make your eyes work in the dark.

You figure it was the late night snack and go back to sleep.  But it comes again, another night, when you had no snack, saw no horror movie on TV  nor read something disturbing in a book before bed.

Now you think it is time to listen but your favourite show is on, maybe later...oh look, my friend has just come on Facebook, maybe later's time to make dinner, go to work, do the laundry.....

Then days go by, maybe even weeks and months and finally years. It is a vacuous hole which seeks to be filled, aching inside you but you have no idea what it wants nor how to fill it. It feels so empty in there. Sometimes, when the mood hits you, you can pretend it isn't there at all. In fact, sometimes, chocolate takes it right away, or booze or a joint or maybe even those prescription pills the doctor so kindly gives you. That shopping spree did wonders for it too. So busy were you trying on all those clothes and new shoes, lovingly scanning that new I Phone, you have no idea how you can pay for all you bought but that's what credit cards are for....right? Existential angst vanished with plastic!

"The kids are alright, the husband got a promotion, my mother is out of hospital but doing well now, why do I need to worry about anything else?" you quietly tell yourself as you drink another glass of merlot. "Christmas is coming, I need to prepare for that now anyway." That thought is like the death nail to the least until the New Year. You tell yourself, you tell yourself, you keep on telling yourself, year after year, time after time until the time begins to run out.

 30 Years Later:

The kids are grown up, your husband has passed from a major heart attack, cracking that nut every day for years on end....but you still have your grandchildren to look forward tell yourself....YOU are not on your own. REALLY?

The grandchildren come and the old hippie you  once were decides to take them to a Beach Boys concerts. You feel young again, you laugh and think about when you first saw the Beach Boys, it was the summer of 1969, you must have been 14 years old. You remember hitch hiking to the concert with your girlfriends, so daring you were then. You grimace to yourself, and think, "WHAT were we thinking back then!" But you reason, everyone was doing that then. Back to the grandkids... they love it, they adore the harmonies even though Brian Wilson looks so old, not to mention the  deer caught in the headlights look during the entire show. You shrug your shoulders and say to yourself..."whatever". You sing along to "wouldn't it be nice if we were married..." clapping away.

 The grandkids grow up to be teenagers....they watch the Olympics live on TV and you are all together now. THE WHO come on and they sing "WHO ARE YOU?" They ask about if you ever went to a WHO concert? They like the song, "My Generation"...

You listen to the words of the song, "WHO ARE YOU? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW..." as Rodger Daltry swings that mike around on every breath. The song...the words...the dreams.. the angst comes back...the hole in your belly feels emptier still and you ask yourself, finally...the question of all questions right there in front of the grandkids, "WHO AM I? REALLY?"

I am a mother, I was a wife, I am a grandmother, I was a student once, a young daring teen once, I cook meals, I do laundry and clean my home, I do charity work at the Church, but I have NO FREAKING IDEA WHO I AM! AND I AM NEARLY 60 YEARS OLD!

The sweat pours down your brow. You panic. You see that you have been there in a "ROLE" as one person or another but YOU as a PERSON have NO IDENTITY. Surely, you calm yourself, surely I am a GOOD person, isn't that all that counts? But if that was all, then why did this question constantly haunt me? The dreams were also so weird, waking up from them and then ignoring them. WHY was I so afraid to find out? Why did I run away from myself? Without all the added extras, who am I? Was I just put here on this earth to be these people to others? Mother, Wife, Grandmother? Shopper, Supporter of my family? Cook? Cleaner? Do I not have more to me than this inside?

Now begins the greatest journey you will ever take...the journey within. It is never too late but it would have been so different if you did this when you were younger. The Authentic Self demands truth and bravery but its rewards are so deeply fulfilling, if you go. Fill the hole within, find out the truth. There are so many ways to go within: meditation, psychotherapy, divination, holistic healing, psychic development, past life regression, hypnotherapy, each a path to wholeness and a gazillion books to read which stimulate and help you to seek the greatest question any human being can begin to answer: WHO ARE YOU?

"The unexamined life is not worth living." a quote by Carl Gustav Jung

By, Shawn M. Cohen (c) Nov. 12, 2013  my website:
THE WHO video and song used as fair usage and no copyright infringement is intended.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Shoots, Dumps and Leaves by Shawn M. Cohen

The Conversation, written and sung by Charlene Spiteri from the rock group Texas

Ever have friends (well how can they really be friends??) or people in your life, or on social media or even family members (maybe especially family members!) who just call you, dump all their problems on you, tell you all about them, their life, their issues and then when it comes your turn to speak...just leave?? I refer to this as: Shoots, Dumps and Leaves syndrome! It is SO selfish, so completely humiliating for the one who has been patiently listening and even trying to provide comfort or suggestions which any good friend would do...then before you have even had a chance to open your mouth and take a breath to speak all of a sudden you hear, "Oh, so listen, I need to go now! BYE."  They hang up, no chance to even say a thing...!  And you are left feeling as if someone threw egg on your face or worse!!  *Shit* would be an even better word, because that is exactly what they just did...they took a *shit* on your face while they were dumping on you! I know it is graphic but it proves my point well. Now how do you feel?  Pretty shitty!
 *Want to scream now??*  

There is another term for this, in Metaphysics and some Psychic circles, we call them "Psychic Vampires". They drain the living life out of you with their sob stories, most of which they have NO intention of actually fixing, treating or rendering better but get all their rocks off on dumping their problems *shit* on you! It is another way to say..."I am SUCH a VICTIM, look at ME!" A very sad way to get attention, needless to say.  But they would never (and I mean never!) actually admit that or even try to see this within their own wholly narcissistic attitude. Yes, it is extremely frustrating and especially if you are on the receiving end as a friend, spouse (God help you!) employee or even worse, relative of someone like this and  have to listen to this garbage
 And this is not the only offender to having an adult conversation which is fair and just to both parties! 
How about the "COMPETITOR"?? You might easily recognize them as the one who ALWAYS has to TOP what you just said...sound familiar?? You know, you open the conversation with a little story about your child and they have to come back with a bigger and somehow more grander story about their child, or their job, or their spouse or their house or their money or worst of all, their health issue! In fact, with Competitors, any subject is up for grabs as long as they are always ending the conversation ON TOP!! It is SO annoying!! And SO childish, really. What makes a person NEED to be like this, you may ask?? Answer: THEIR insecurity and THEIR ego! Or maybe you can't get a word in edgewise because the next person on my list of the worst offenders is the "CAN'T STOP TALKING"( Not even for a second!) offender!!!
 Yucky, poo, poo! This person just gabs and blabs and gasses on to the point of you wanting to kill yourself just to get away, get unconscious, tune them out and get some relief!!! Not only can they not stop talking long enough to even let you get a word in edgewise but they could care less (clearly!) about what it is you have to say!  The only difference between them and the "Shoots, Dumps and Leaves" person is the length at which they will continue on....hours and hours are nothing to these conversational offenders! Known to create such angst and upset to calm equal conversation that they are often never to have the chance to converse with the same person again! Why would you?  It becomes sheer self abuse just being in their presence and once their mouth opens...all hell breaks loose! RUN AWAY!  Get out while you can! Before the endless droning begins!!  And finally, as if all the above weren't enough to set your teeth on edge....the last one is the one I find even more distressing...the "He Said, She Said" conversationalist. This is the person who takes exacting details to the limits that even a Virgo* wouldn't go to! This person begins well enough, setting the scene of a conversation with the causal, "Hi, how are you?" question. You think you are getting the benefit of an adult and equal conversation...but soon enough, once you answered with a civilized, "Yes, fine, how are you?" back....lulled you were into a sense of "false security", to your horror, you begin to realize you are in for the 9 hour duration of every single sentence her boyfriend, ex husband, ex boss, new lover, etc., etc. said until you feel your blood sugar drop and feel faint from your weakened immune system!  The carbs you used just trying to concentrate for so long have all been burned up!! Slowly you sense you need a quick bite of something sweet to revive you, hence you may pass out!!  This is just an awful, deteriorating way to speak to anyone. The details of "he said, she said" is all the minutia you could most CERTAINLY do WITHOUT! You do not need to know what bra size she takes, or what shop he buys his Y fronts in, now do you? Or how he said this and she said that, then he said this, and she said that and then she said this and he said that....and on and on and on and on and on until you want to scream," ALRIGHT ALREADY, I GET IT! "   But that would be an illusion because they don't care if you get it. THEY just want you to listen. Be there for "them" and let them talk it out, makes them feel better, so they have something from their sad and lacking lives to talk about, however b.o.r.i.n.g it is to the poor listener! 

Having an adult conversation with another person should be a joy. No matter what the subject, happy or sad, it should contain the elements of respect, just enough information to inform not interrogate, it should be an equal opportunity employer; so no competition, overtime, "one-up-man-ship" of any kind. There should be enough breath to actually breathe, listen and comment back and forth. If these basic rights of adult conversation are not adhered to then you, or I. or anyone else is actually in the wrong story listening to the wrong person's ego and monkey mind or insecurity gone off the rails! In that case, I would say...bail out!
  Save yourself! No one needs to be a "verbal punching bag" for anyone! 
Time to bring some civility and manners back to the gentile art of a great conversation! That is how both people get heard and how both people get to speak their mind. 

By Shawn M. Cohen, Bsc. Metaphysics 
Copyright (c) August,2013
Video of Charlene Spiteri singing "The Conversation" used by Fair usage and no copyright infringement is intended. 

*Virgo: the 6th sign of the Zodiac, known for their love of details.

P.S. If you feel the need to blather to all and sundry, why not have a Psychic, MediumTarot Reading with me? We can look at all the issues which may be "feeding" this unresolved mental gymnastics,solved once and for all which would be not only a great relief to yourself and any anxiety  but to all those Patient friends and family members in your life. See my website for how to book here:

Sunday, 21 July 2013

LOVE IS IN THE AIR, By Shawn M. Cohen

Love Is In The Air, by John Paul Young, here singing as a Guardian Angel to the couple in the movie, "Strictly Ballroom".

What we all want is a sweeping, epic romance that makes for a beautiful and life long happy ending....admit it. But how does one get that and is it even truly possible? These are some of the issues I want to raise here in my Metaphysical Blog, "Shelter From The Storm"
The thing is, first it is important to understand what is LOVE? 
You may think you know it, it seems obvious, right?? But you would be surprised how many people live in the "illusion of love"! 
Just like in John Paul Young's hit song from 1978, reused here in the 1990 film...his lyrics are; "And I don't know if you're illusion, I don't know if I see true but you're something that I must believe in and you are there when I reach out for you. I don't know if I'm being foolish, I don't know if I am being wise, but it is something I must believe in and its there when I look in your eyes."  

So how do we know when LOVE is real and not an illusion? Learn to distinguish this and you are on the road to Mastery. Fail this and you will suffer all your days looking for "love" in all the wrong places! It can be the single most heartbreaking stumbling block to any hope of joy, happiness and feeling loved OR it can be the most profound spiritual, sacred lesson along the road to Enlightenment and Mastery! Yes, believe it, there is a path to love, a school of love, a relationships Mastery Course and most of the entire world population is on it but they have NO IDEA that they are! Nor how to navigate it, let alone GRADUATE from it! 

Let's start at the very beginning. What is LOVE? A feeling? Yes, that is true. Can it be something else, like a concept? Yes, for many it is. My idea of love may not be the same as your idea...ah, that is we may see where the problems will lie. How do we get a concept of love? Go right back to your birth and your entry into your own Mother's arms. Was she there for you, meaning was she looking forward to your arrival or were you just another "mouth to feed"? Were you held and loved and cared for with joy and deep bonding or was she on the phone talking to someone else when she fed you, annoyed that she had to? Miserable about the changes in her body? Unhappy with her partner, possibly your father?? Did she get support when she needed it or was she literally "left to deal with it all herself" and no help, care, support for her while she was trying to care for you. Did she enjoy the daily discovery of you or was she burnt out, angry and resentful of the burden of you and your needs while hers were left "unfulfilled"? Can you see how we all might have a different idea or concept of what LOVE is or what it is SUPPOSE TO BE?? Now, let's go deeper and even further your SOUL. Because in Metaphysics, we believe in the choices of incarnation. We are not forced to reincarnate, we choose and in this FREE WILL allows us all to choose our parents, what sex we will be, what race, socio-economic background, our siblings and even whether we will be straight or gay or bi-sexual and our location. The Astrological Birth Chart which shows the exact time, date and location of the soul's entry into this world and all the planets and their location in the houses as well as the aspects, in the Heavens while that Soul made its entry, will in fact, also show these choices and all the lessons the soul wants to learn in this lifetime, as well as the great gifts and talents it also wants to bring into fruition in this world. Therefore, there are NO ACCIDENTS, we are ALL here because WE choose to be here. And our choices are well planned out, with help from our own Soul Groups, Guides and Masters who know us extremely well, from thousands of life times of incarnating! So how could we get it wrong and incarnate into a Mother and Father who were not happy with our arrival?? Or who thought we were the wrong sex or were too busy, poor, worried about other issues to care about us? Or maybe outside forces and circumstances happened,  a Grandparent died as soon as we got here and one of our parents were in deep mourning, therefore not able to care for our needs as they could of before? You may ask why any SOUL would chose to be abused, neglected, come into a home which was single parent, one sibling was more loved/favored than another,  dysfunctional, broken, fueled with addiction issues, poverty, and even abandonment, put up for adoption??? What kind of GOD would do this to an innocent child? You may be asking yourself this question now or even seeing some of your own history here and saying to yourself, "Yes, that was me when I was born or a baby or a teenager."  Maybe it is still going on in your lives now...
Now look at your love relationships in the world, who you have loved in your past, who you have even married if you did, who you divorced, who was your first love, your last or the lack of love. How do these two scenarios compare? Similar? Opposite?? Maybe a mish- mash of both? 
What is it about the early experience of love that constantly gets brought back to our own personal relationships time and time again and can play out in ALL our relationships...with friends, bosses,spouses, partners, neighbors, and almost always our own children and even our pets! What is the reason for this? Are you wondering now if anything you ever did was clear and clean from this early entry point where your mind and your heart meshed its ideas of "What Love is"? If so, maybe we need to look at what LOVE ISN'T before I continue here and the Universal Laws which govern LOVE and no, it is not a little angel dressed in a loin cloth with a bow and arrow! ( Cupid!) 
The Laws of the Universe are exact and never change in the same way as Gravity is an exact law and never changes unless you go to the Moon! Now here is something that you will surely need to understand and once you do, you will be on the road to Mastery and Graduation from the School of Relationships, so here it is: 
1. We are always attracting that which is like unto ourselves. (Law of Attraction) We do this by who we are, as well as what we think and it can be very unconscious or conscious, the choice is yours. (Awareness)
2. Opposites attract too. (Law of Opposites) That which is the same will have an equal and opposite attraction/reaction too. 
3.We can never evolve until all lessons are learned and completed to the satisfaction of the individual Soul who participated in these lessons. 
4. We do not live for just our own lessons, we sign up to help others too. We show up in their lives at exactly the right time and place as is noted in these Universal Laws (a) There are NO Mistakes. (b) Your Free Will is always being used whether you are aware of it consciously or not. 
5. YOU are the Designer and Creator and Master of your own destiny, always. No Planet, Angel, Extra Terrestrial, Incident or Guide has ANY authority over you, unless YOU CHOOSE to give your own power away to that. Let me repeat this: YOU ARE A FREE WILL AGENT...ALWAYS!
6. Taking responsibility for ALL your choices and allowing yourself to see who and why and with what they are trying to teach you is the key and road to Mastery. IN OTHER WORDS: There are NO VICTIMS EVER! 
7.All of your most important relationships were formed in the in-between lives state (some call Heaven, others call The Astral Plane) and you and they have chosen this lifetime together to play out your own unresolved fears, issues, insecurities and  use your own abilities or the need to help others do the same. The Great Drama of Life is an ILLUSION and what plays out here, stays here and eventually gets healed here. Which is why there is no pain in Heaven! And also why life looks so crazy and why Love seems so hard to find!! 
8. Every word you say, every thought you think, every action you take will be recorded in the Great Akashic Records which you will have complete access to when you pass or can also access in meditation. 
9. There are no secrets. We are ALL psychic, telepathic and intuitive and this is immediately known to those who pass. But knowing this HERE while in the body creates a life which is monitored with love, peace, compassion and good and balanced thoughts and actions. In other words, Mastery.
10. You do have a soul group which you return "home" to in-between lives and they will be loving, welcoming and know you inside out. Therefore, there is no such thing as Unloved, Loneliness, and Abandonment. These are illusions of this world.  For your own Soul Group will constantly be watching out for you and sending you a million little signs and synchronicities that you are loved!
11. No one ever dies; DEATH is the greatest illusion and when we understand this completely, when we know we just move into the next journey, we take all our thoughts, memories, experiences and what we learned back to our Soul Group and share and teach and even laugh about it all, we then know the true meaning of "Enlightenment" which is that we do not fear death, knowing there is none and that love is eternal. 
12. You can never lose anything or anyone. LOSS is also a great illusion and therefore every person you ever loved, including your pets will be there to greet you when you come back "Home"! No one is your enemy either, but all played a part in helping you to become more aware. 
13. Religion is for the masses who once needed structure and discipline in the early days of life on planet earth. No one soul is ever greater or better then another or worse! We are all Mighty Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience. There is no judgement in Heaven, only we judge ourselves, in a life review after we pass,  with our Guides (who are just souls who have already done the work and passed the tests, a step or two or 10 or 10,000 above us but we will all become Guides and Masters eventually). 
14. If you are a male, you are 49% female within. If you are a female, you are 49% male within and this is true whether you are straight, gay or bi. We come into families which mirror this aspect of ourselves and all our relationships will reflect the inner Self, either balanced or unbalanced. Therefore work with your own inner Yin/Yang compliments and opposites. Then you will no longer attract what is out of balance within you but will attract and resonate the balanced components of Self. The work and the choice is always up to you.( Everyone is YOUR mirror!)
15. You can not rescue, save or heal anyone unless you have completed these lessons and trained in these ways enough to ensure you are not enabling/controlling the other. Knowing this is Mastery over the Ego and the greatest lesson of all: "Discernment".

Now, that you know these rules, and they are Universal and apply to all people, what can we now say about Love? 
Those who choose the hardest, most heartbreaking lives are here to bring into alignment their greatest gifts, to discover them and use them and to become Masters. Only those who choose these paths (and not all do, some come for a holiday too, or an easy life after many hard ones, some are newer souls therefore they could not even begin to handle the harder lessons!) A baby can not drive a car! One must first be mature and grown up enough through many lifetimes and many experiences in all ways to take on the hardest lessons. Love is a Mastery course. It is not about the, "he said, she said" b.s. which we seem to think it is! Nor should it be. It is about choosing to see your own reflection of the very issues you came to work on, and to become awaken and aware of them. Then and only then can you even begin the work of Mastering each one of them. When you Master each lesson, understand each experience as the Great Teacher it was/is to you, then you can release, heal, understand it on a deeper level and become aware that it was you who created it all for these lessons you choose to work on in this lifetime! And finally, what we do not learn, our children will bring to our attention! How do they do this? By "acting it out" for you, unconsciously, or just doing the very thing you did not address in your own life: addictions, bad relationships, bad behavior  even self harm and worse! Of course, they signed up for the ride to make sure you will get it and work on it and learn it once and for all! So we always get plenty of chances to graduate!
The truth is we are all working on these lessons to one level or another and our partners who we draw to us, through these laws and the in between life agreements we make before our births are all in it, on to it, and aware of our "contracts" but on a much deeper and unconscious level.
 So: The" abused" becomes the lesson of self love. The "abandoned" becomes the lesson of self reliance. The "cheated on or betrayed" becomes the lesson of never to betray the self, trust the self. The "victim" becomes the victor when they see what they were meant to learn, to stand up for themselves.  The "lied to" becomes the Seeker of truth and honors the truth always.  The "over powered and controlled" becomes the awareness of the right use of power, using it for the betterment of others, not just the self. The "loveless and lonely" becomes the ability to give unconditional love for all of humanity,animals and all life,  including the self.  The "judgmental, criticizing, condemning" becomes the ability to observe and listen to the inner voice of wisdom( called the Intuition) and to communicate with love and acceptance to all of life, including the self, both here and in Spirit.

 The "child within" is constantly asking us  to "play" to "discover" and will also invite these situations into our lives, after all it is the "child within" who is that part of us which loves. Heal that part and you are well on your way. How do you do this? By listening, observing, being rigorously honest with yourself  and correcting any issues and bad behavior, blaming others, etc. on your part, facing your fears, addressing your own needs and finally just loving and accepting your self completely. 

Love is innocent. Love is pure, Love is just that; Love and it is never, ever anything but that. The rest is all down to what you need to learn to get there. The rest are the myriad of games you play to realize this. The players are all on your own team and each one signed up for the assignment. Once you see this, once you understand this and have worked on clearing the debris from all other issues connected with love, and what isn't are on the Mastery road and free to just be LOVE...with no agenda, hidden or subconscious. 

"Love is in the air, everywhere I look around"..and now back to John Paul Young's song: "Love is in the air, every sight and every sound" the words of the song become the reality. Now the lyrics become your reality! How does it feel to graduate from the School of Love and Relationships? I'll bet it feels just LOVELY!

By, Shawn M. Cohen 
(C) July 21, 2013

Added note! 
I will be a guest speaker about these very themes of love and the school of love and graduating from it using spiritual wisdom, deeper understanding and will  also taking your calls and tuning in on a Mediumship level on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 7:00 pm EST, 4:00 pm (PST) and 12:00 Midnight UK time (GMT) on IN5D Blog Talk Radio. Here is the link:
{Please come along and join in, there is a chat room and it is free to call in on Skype! It is a 2 hour show and I will be there to help sort out your worst relationship problems, live and on air. It is free to all, so let's get that path well and truly sorted. Love problems unresolved can be the biggest distraction on the Path to Higher Awakening, which is why I chose this theme for the show. It is time to get it, get off the misery road and get some true love and joy into your lives!  Click the link and it will take you right to the show page.} 

Use of John Paul Young's song, "Love Is In The Air" and the video made is under the Fair Trade usage act and no copyright infringement intended. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Where Does The Time Go? A Metaphysical Blog, by Shawn M. Cohen

Time by Alan Parsons Project from the Album, "Turn of a Friendly Card" 1980.

I have not written on my blog for months, in fact since December last year, 2012.
 I started with great enthusiasm which is so true to my Aries nature and then I got distracted with other things. So typical of my sign!  But I awoke this morning, a rainy, bleak, cold London morning at the end of May(!) with this song "Time" in my head. I could not even remember who wrote it all those years ago but I knew the song...the words were circling in my head..."Time, keeps flowing like a river to the sea..."
    It may be because I am thinking about my teenage daughter, now age 16, who will be graduating in June from secondary school (or what I called High School,being American) and then going to her Prom with her boyfriend.

"Time marches on, Time waits for no one"...wasn't she just a little girl all dressed in pink as we walked hand in hand to her ballet classes? Time...where did it go? 

  And like many people my age...(another story, my age!)  my own mother is coming up to her 89th birthday in November! How she outlived so many others is beyond me! Her time may be shorter but she is still here, amazingly enough.
   Within all these time markers;  our age, our children growing up, our parents becoming old...there is the sense of what is it all about? I can't help but look back. It is all part of this mindset of people my age...what is my age? I don't feel any older then when I was attending a Led Zeppelin  concert in Pittsburgh, Pa., my hometown, with my best friends in 1973! I was just about 17 then...close to what age my daughter is now. But oh, how the world has changed since then!! " Take me back to the time of my youth," sings Led Zeppelin..."take me back. " But you can not go back...not even when you are helping your daughter with her Prom dress!   My mind begins to compute the rationale for the time gone by:
You were a hippie, you did not go to your Prom in 1974. Your boyfriend, having graduated 2 years before you and on your insistence , was waiting for you in Los Angeles, California where The Door's* music was blasting out of open top red Corvettes or sunshine yellow VW Beetles cruising down  Sunset Strip. In your time, your way shower was Joni Mitchell who was  singing about the Ladies of the Canyon,and expressing so many feelings and you could not wait to get to Laurel Canyon just to see it for yourself and by the way, Crosby, Stills and Nash were touring with or without Neil Young then. Either way, you were sure they all lived in L.A.and that is where the action was, that was what cool was all about. One of your best girlfriends, who had moved out there before you and now also your boyfriend from Pittsburgh were both there and you could not wait until High School graduation just so you could be there, hanging out with them both. You did not want to go to some old fashioned corny Prom! So you left the day after High School graduation, leaving friends and family behind and went to L.A. to live, 3000 miles away, age 18. You were so brave, looking back....but nobody mentioned this to you at the time. By the way, remember when you wanted to be a writer?? 

Time is a funny thing, it distorts and it reverberates. Memories are the sanctuary of Time. They are the Akashic Records in our brains. They measure everything against our own experiences. In that time, I was this way. Now, in this time, I am that way. But have I grown? Am I a Grown UP? Has my Soul developed and matured? Am I better than I once was or am I in denial, just chugging along, day after day, hamster on a wheel of endless time until one day the wheel ceases to turn??  Can we really say? If not us, then who? Who will speak for us and about us after we are gone and will it be the truth or just pretty lies? One thing is for sure, making my way into my life's journey, the path I chose, the people I chose to share it with...some friends, some enemies, some within my own has never been an "easy time". I was wondering what my so called "retirement" years will be like?? Right now, as it stands, there are no plans and no ways to retire. I did not choose that path, you know, paying into a retirement fund, gold watch and, not for me. I chose to be a way shower, a light worker, a pioneer of consciousness as my spiritual helpers like to call me. Ha! I laugh. You're kidding me, right? No, they, that is what you are... a born communicator! Ha, Ha, bloody Ha!Ha!  But they insist. Ok, I get it, I did walk a totally unfamiliar path. After that boyfriend died, I needed to know. I saw his spirit. It was all too much and too shocking for words. I needed to know.Nothing and no one would stop me. Searching for the truth; Why we are here? Do we go on afterwards? What is the purpose to life? All those big questions. It was my wish to know and I did what it took to know. I put in the TIME into my spiritual seeking, education and practice and finally my awakening.  My TIME was used up in travelling the world, not all of it, but a good chunk of it, exploring, researching, falling in and out of love, gaining experiences, knowledge and helping others, serving others, being there for those who needed me, being the spiritual teacher, counselor and adviser I came to be.  Those times, looking back, were some of my happiest. That Pioneering Aries energy was at an all time high. Active and happy and free. The Metaphysics school I found in California in 1980, which was the same time this song by Alan Parsons Project came out. Funny that, eh? Time comes full circle. My daughter will be home soon from her revision studies for her GCSE's. I had my SATS when I was her age. But she and I live in London and she goes to school in the British system. Who would have ever figured I would have ended up here? 29 years here now and that is a long time, in anyone's calculations! I came here at age 29 in my first Saturn Return*, in 1985 and soon it will be my Second Saturn Return* at age 58....I have lived half of my life in America, where I am from, and half of it in Britain. How is it possible so much time has gone by? But it did. I can only hope I have used it wisely.
 Well, would you look at the time!? I have to get ready. My daughter is coming home soon from school and we are going Prom shopping and I am not quite ready. Time, also to feed our cat, Romeo. I must leave you now to ponder the meaning of time in your own life. May it be memorable.

Addendum: On May 20, 2013, the great Door's *founder and keyboardist Ray Manzarek passed to that great Gig in the Sky, age 74, from bile cancer. When our youth Icons slowly move on to the next journey, "breaking on through to the Other Side" it can be a shock, a wake up call. One can not help but remember how much influence one little rock band had in memories to one's youth..and maybe even the sound track to one's whole life. RIP Ray and thanks for the music and memories! "When the music's over, turn out the lights." Jim Morrison and the Doors.

The Saturn Return* happens when you are roughly age 29. It happens to everyone about that time, a 2 and a half to 3 year process, happening once every 29 years when the planet Saturn in your own Natal Astrology Chart, returns to the exact location it was when you were born. Saturn is the great planet and marker of TIME and MATURITY and it also has influences for Karma and placement in career, even parenting. I wrote about it because it was the thing in 1985 which put me where I obviously needed to be and my own Saturn is in Sagittarius, in my 10th house of my natal astrology chart. This is the house of career and Sagittarius is a sign who explores truth (key words: I SEEK) and the love of travel and foreign climes. Henceforth, I ended up teaching Metaphysics in a foreign country, many in fact, and living here. That we get another shot at it again in our Second Saturn Return* is a way for us to take stock, see what else is left to do, or get a second chance at doing what we have not been able to do thus far.  This allows us to get that long lost dream going again or to change directions completely and have a do over, a new beginning or finally get the accolades and rewards for services rendered to a long career path. Many may become Grandparents in this time and I can add this is true of some of my friends from whom I grew up with. It is surely a time of second chances, if you have done the "work" and put the "time" in, which Saturn, ruler of both, will justly give (finally!)  rewards for!

(C) Shawn M. Cohen    
May 30, 2013 London, UK.
Fair usage act for video of  "TIME" , no copyright infringement intended.