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Wonderous Stories

 "I awoke this morning, Love laid me down by the river,
drifting I turned on upstream bound for my forgiver.
In the giving of my eyes to see your face.
Sound did silence me leaving no trace.
I beg to leave, to hear your wonderous stories.
Beg to hear your wonderous stories.

He spoke of lands not far or lands they were in his mind.
Of fusion captured high where reason captured his time.
In no time at all he took me to the gate.
In haste I quickly check the time. If I was late,
I had to leave to hear your wonderous stories.
Had to leave to hear your wonderous stories.
Hearing, Hearing, Hearing your wonderous stories.
Hearing your wonderous stories.
It is no lie I can see deeply into the future. Imagine everything. You're close and were you there to stand so
Cautiously at first and then so high.
As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky. I bid it to return, to hear your wonderous stories.
Return to hear your wonderous stories...hearing, hearing, hearing, hearing, hearing...."
(c) Jon Anderson of YES.

I felt so compelled by hearing this song again, which I first encountered in 1970 with my then first love, Glen. He was 16 and I was 14. He turned me on to many things back then. The world was all topsy turvy, the Vietnam war was still raging, the Beatles had just broke up, which was like a death to us all! But there were so many great bands like YES, The Moody Blues, The Who, Led Zeppelin and all the Soul around too, not to mention Joni Mitchell and soft rock. Inside all these lyrics were wonderous stories. One lesson after another in life from these songsters, lyricists, folklore spreaders. It was the hippie times, we wore bell bottom jeans and tied dyed t shirts...we flashed the peace sign a lot, then and we protested on everything from the War in Vietnam, "Make Love Not War!" Human Rights, Women's Lib, Black Rights, Gay Rights...we protested, the youth of America and we gathered together in our communities, slowly releasing the nest of home and becoming a citizen of the world. We tuned in, dropped out, skipped school, smoked tons of pot and hitchhiked wherever we needed to go!
Fear was a "negative, a downer" and we were into the Brotherhood of Mankind. So we panhandled when we needed money, even if our parents had money! They were the "Establishment" and we did not want to be like THEM!
We did what we wanted, we helped each other, we "hung out" usually in the local parks or me on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle! My long straight hair blowing out of the helmet as we ducked and dived the cars on his Kawasaki. No one would draft him, he would go to Canada if it came to it! We went to see concerts, endless concerts from OUR Leaders like Dylan or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. "Teach your children well" we laughed, no, we were teaching our parents. "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" was a favorite motto. Or "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle!"
It was all changing. Demonstrations on Washington, D.C. against War, against racism, for Women's abortion rights, and we did it, we made it all happen! We took responsibility for our own lives and told the world we want PEACE....and John Lennon stepped up to the post, and not even American...but we loved his bravery and his clarity. He knew we were living in a land of lies...and he walked with us, "Power to the People, Right ON!"
I grew up in all of this...there were more changes in this time to ideas, inventions, human rights, medicine, healing, and esoteric knowledge became a thing, a thing to seek! Astrology, "When the Moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars" sang the 5th Dimention and the nothing-like-it-before-play "HAIR"!
Timothy Leary said, "Drop out, tune in" we did. We went into Earth shoes, Herbalism, Spiritual awakening, Yoga brought to the West. IN a nutshell, we all collectively birthed a New World.
These are my actual memories. I am not quoting news reels or Google Archives! lol I have the memory in my mind as a teenager of watching this incredible world be born. It was then that I decided to become someone who helps the world. I did not know how then, but I was already reading "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs" at age 13.
It took the shock of Glen's death, his spirit coming to me to show me, as I did not know he died in 1979 for me to realize who I was and what I came here to do!
The details I did not know, but I did know he was speaking to me, sharing his mind with me, coming into my dreams every night telling me, "I'm not really dead, you know..." and I would wake up and wonder, what does he mean? I was 23 years old. I was so wounded by this lost opportunity I did not think I could come back from it. We were not together when he died, being hit by a car in California...we had lived there together 3 years before and then broke up. In an era of peace, freedom and love...somehow making that work in reality was not always easy. But we were Babes in the Woods...
eventually I understood what he kept telling me...he kept telling me that there was "life after death"! He was Jewish like me, but my mother was Catholic...and he read so many great and deep books. His letters to me from Los Angeles to me in Pittsburgh, where he went out there and waited for me to finish high school, as I was 2 years younger...he wrote me loads of letters. All of them were filled with spiritual content I did not know, or understand! I used to sit in a diner in Pittsburgh with my best girlfriends and ask them, "Do you understand what he is saying?" and the giggles would go around the endless coffee and cigarette smoke and they would all shake their heads..."he's deep, Shawn!" as if being deep was a terrible thing! I saw his heart, his wanting me to "get something", his choices in reading like Martin Bubar, was so advanced and Sidhartha. I was a child compared but I was growing up. When we were together in Pittsburgh, he went to a different high school then me, across town, in the more Jewish section of town, Squirrel Hill...he would come to pick me up from high school on his Kawasaki, always bring an extra helmet for me. Sometimes he would bring his friend Serge, aka Paul also on his motorcycle. Glen wore a fringed suede jacket and I would hold on for life when we took off. He was handsome with jet black hair and cystal blue eyes, tall too.
There were so many parties, so many times we were together, so many memories that when he died, even though we had broken up 3 years before, I was just devastated. No one understood, just my mother. Her mother was psychic, from Ireland and she knew I had the same gifts. I would cry to my mother, "Why does he keep telling me he is not dead in my dreams?" and my mother would hug me and brush back my long hair and say,  "He is coming to you because he loves you."
In time, I walked forward again. In time, with the help of my friends, my therapist (yes, I went to one and it helped) I began to get that he was there with me and this was how it was going to be. I wanted to go back to California again, eventually I did. By 1981 I found a school (or was led to it) The American National Institute for Psychical Research and Development in Westlake, California. I was in school again at L.A. City College, still pursuing my degree in Psychology, when my friend where I waitressed during the day, Debbie, I finally shared what had happened to me with Glen and how I wanted to find someway, a school if there was one, to learn more...what did she tell me? About the school she was in, American National Institute for Psychical Research and Development up the 405 freeway to Westlake! Unreal, there it was, she took me there herself and I immediately dropped out of L.A. College and enrolled for a Degree in Metaphysics! That was 1981, graduated in 1983 and the last year I also enrolled in their Nursing program with a Holistic idea in mind. Yes, I had found my path. I was taught absolutely everything I needed to know, from the Astrology I had self taught myself coming into a Professional Level, to The Tarot, Astral Projection, Holistic Healing, Laying on the Hands, Angelology, Candle Magic, Numerology, Past Life Regression, Working with Guides, Chakras, Meditation, seeing the Aura, opening up my 3rd eye and truly seeing the future and the past. I was transformed, transfixed and transmogafied into the spiritual and psychic Lightworker person I am today! That was 35 years ago. I got lucky, or maybe I was guided by an Angel on a Kawasaki...I like to think I was. He is still guiding me... and I have just published my latest Metaphysical workbook for my current Metaphysical Students. I recently was contacted by Paul, (Serge) Glen's friend from decades before on Facebook. He and I shared some "Wonderous Stories" about Glen and their motorcycle trips together. It was great to speak to someone who knew him, still had his fringe vest!  I have come full circle, at age 62. I am sure there is much more ahead but without Glen's "wonderous stories", taking me to see YES at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pa. when we were in High School in the early 1970's, would I be here today? No, I don't think so... someone, a Soul Mate, a Twin Flame, a Kindred Spirit, a passed on family member, a Guardian Angel or even a beloved passed on pet,  is always watching over us from Heaven...who is it for you? What are your wonderous stories?
 Glen Miles Ponitzman born Feb 25, 1954- July 25, 1979
still watching over me. Still telling me his "Wonderous Stories". This picture he sent to me when he was in L.A. (this is Ventura County) at age 20, in 1974 waiting for me to finish High School and come out to be with him. I did and we "lived in sin", as they used to call it. We were always the rebels, always ahead of the frey and we always will be! 💖💕 Thank you, Babe, for all your help over the years! xoxo  Here is what all that help manifested:

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