Friday, 13 July 2018

As Far As My Eyes Can See... A Metaphysical Blog By Shawn M. Cohen

Today, as I write this latest entry, it is Friday the 13th of July, 2018. The first of 3 major Eclipses are about to come upon we had the Partial Solar Eclipse, 20 degrees in Cancer and exactly opposite to Lord of the Underworld, Pluto,  who himself is exactly 20 degrees Capricorn. 
These crossed my own personal 1st house (the body) to my 7th house (others= commitment relationships and business partners). I know I have some health issues right now. I have been working on them for decades and now as some get better, others come up, but will they finally transform to healing? These next 2 Eclipses should show the way or that perhaps, will not happen. I know the next Eclipse is 4 degrees in Aquarius,on July 27th, 2018, once again hitting my first house in my Natal Astrology Chart (the body) and my Chiron (the wounded healer and wounds that do not heal but on the path of seeking the healing, you learn how to heal others) and this conjunction would be like salt on the wounds of that! Finally, (as if what doesn't kill me makes me stronger!) the last of Eclipse trilogy, will be 18 Leo on August 11th, 2018 which is in my 7th house (others) and will oppose my personal Moon (emotions) in Aquarius exactly 18 degrees again in my first house (the body!) I am being hit by all sides here and it is not pretty! 
I always tell my clients, my students, that no one, not even the best Psychic or Astrologer or Tarot Reader can predict death! Not even Doctors can truly predict death because it is a pact between you and God, always. You made the plan of when you would be done with your life (as in done with your "Mission") and that would be you coming "Home" to Heaven, where we all go. The Death Card in the Tarot, which is number 13 is why "13" is a "heebeegeebee" number for many! It really only means Transformation. Changes and Inner World (which Pluto also rules and Pluto is the Ruler of Scorpio, which is also the Astrological connection of the Death Card!) 
We only go "Home" when it is our time, and yes, there can be accidents but for the most part, we are here for the time alloted. I look at my own Astrology Chart with Pluto and then Saturn transiting/connecting with my Mars in my first house (the body) and I know I may very well be in for the fight of my life. However, it could play out in another way, like transforming my body through strict dicipline (Saturn) and Transformation (Pluto). I am working on the latter. But who knows? I see my Uncle, my father's older brother, a very Virgonian man who really delt with his diet well,  turning 107 years old on September 15th, 2018! My own Mother is 94, on November 21st, is a Scorpio and the last degree of it and smoked like a trouper but quit in her 60's and was a dancer with a senior dance toupe in her 80's.  Jupiter is now direct in Scorpio and right on my Midheaven at 11 degrees so...Jupiter is the great Liberator like Death. When you are Old and Wise and sitting in an old age home with an adult diaper, where you no longer know your own name and your adult children visit you and you have no idea who they are, like my mother is going through, I have to say I pray for her liberation. She never wanted that to happen to her. I miss her, her laughter, the way I could call her up in Florida from London and we could just gab for hours, laugh and how much my daughter too, loves and misses her Grandma. Death is the great liberator too and we forget that. I think about my life, my life's work and how I am trying to get all my books written now, no more wasting time. Jupiter is pushing me, Saturn is saying get yourself organized and I am. Black Moon Lilth in also transiting this Capricorn first house and men are running scared of me! I have to laugh.All my life they ran after me, chasing me, wanting me, competing for me as perhaps they saw me as some pretty prize but now as I am older and my looks are not exactly like they were, shall we say... I guess I am a bolder, stronger woman and I don't play games or take crap from any man! Lilth is so sexy, so even at 62, my Lilith energy is too much for some! There are some compensations for being Old and Wise!   Though tell that to the masses of oil rig workers and military men who ask to befriend me on Facebook! (It is vile!)
Have you thought about your legacy? I have...and like the beautiful words below of this song, I do wonder if my work will go on. Will all the clients I helped/served/read over 4 decades,  all the students I taught again over 4 decades, will they remember me, will they smile when they think of me? And what of the books I have written...and my poetry and my artwork, will it be when I am gone, will it still be sold? Will someone even read this blog? I know my daughter will think of me,love me and miss me...the hardest part is leaving your children behind, even if they are all grown up. But last week, my neighbor died. She was an Aries like me and a year younger, she had motor neuron disease and went downhill fast. She was the very first person to greet us when we moved in here and my daughter was friends with her grandson.I have to say, for all I know about death, dying and healing from my Nursing career, it still upset me.  More people leaving the planet in my life these past couple of years, my dear friend Mike who was like a brother to me. As many of you know, who know me, know I have two beloveds in spirit who watch over me like two Guardian Angels. My two previous boyfriends...Glen and Art. It really is the true joy of death to reconnect with those we lost who went before us. I do look forward to that! One day...when my pact with God comes good, when my work here is done, (will it ever be?) ...till then, I want to be Old and Wise. At 62, I am not that far from that point. Years fly day I will be 70, and all those Rock Icons I grew up with and love and honor here on my blog with their gorgeous songs, are older then me!Perhaps some of them will have taken their final bow too. Needless to say, we do the best we can and we live life one day at a time, insuring our legacy exists through loved ones, friends, family and all who knew us and for me, that my work in healing people, educating students will go on even within them. I do hope for that. So I keep a smile on my face and I keep going. I take care of myself as best I can and I consult my own Stars, Planets and Tarot too and I pray...oh yes, I pray. Death takes us all one day: 
But you see by the card: The Bishop pleads and the woman turns her head away not able to face Death but the innocent child looks at him head on, with no fear. The Chinese junk on the river symbolises the way bodies were sent out to sea, or a Viking Burial. The  King whose crown is thrown off and he lays under the horse symbolises even Royalty, or any priveledged position can not stop death. The river is the river of life, yellow is optimism, blue is healing, the white horse is purity, as the Sun sets between the two pillars and it is closing the day, the end of life.
Since Pluto brings up issues of birth, death and eventually transformation,and was powerfully connected with this Cancer Eclipse on Friday the 13th, the Number of the Death Card in the Tarot, this song from the Alan Parson's Project, with the hauntingly beautiful voice of The Zombie's lead singer, Colin Blunstone, lamenting his life, (or our life) as he sings of his coming passing or his demise or his death to come. We all come to this, evenutally. Here are the profound lyrics written by Alan Parsons. 
Old and Wise 

Old and Wise

"As far as my eyes can see
There are Shadows approaching me
And to those I left behind
I wanted you to Know
You've always shared my deepest thoughts
You follow where I go
And oh when I'm old and wise
Bitter words mean little to me
Autumn Winds will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they asked me if I knew you
I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine
And the sadness would be Lifted from my eyes
Oh when I'm old and wise
As far as my eyes can see
There are shadows surrounding me
And to those I leave behind
I want you all to know
You've always shared my darkest hours
I'll miss you when I go
And oh, when I'm old and wise
Heavy words that tossed and blew me
Like Autumn winds that will blow right through me
And someday in the mist of time
When they ask you if you knew me
Remember that You were a friend of mine
As the final curtain falls before my eyes
Oh when I'm Old and wise.
As far as my eyes can see"
Songwriters: Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson 
Old and Wise lyrics © Universal Music Publishing
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(c) "As Far As My Eyes Can See"  July 13, 2018 by Shawn Cohen, entry into "Shelter From The Storm" Alan Parson's song, "Old and Wise" (c) Universal Music and Alan Parsons/Eric Woolfson no copyright infringement meant for the above video as well.  

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